Upcoming Phantom T-Shirt

<![CDATA[I am lucky to be surrounded by talented people.
One of those people is my old co-worker Sophia. We used to work together at a dinky small business run by a man with an ego the size of a planet and zero head for business. Nothing bonds co-workers faster than a terrible work environment where it's a group project to try and figure out what the higher-ups are thinking.
Without her I have no one to show me the highlights of Korean dramas, bizarre music videos and weird game shows. It's tragic that we no longer work together. But it turns out that Sophia is pretty good with the ol' digital drawing utensils and also happens to be a classical literature fan.
When I asked her if she wanted to create something for me and said draw what you feel she came up with a great design. Here is the sneak preview of the new Phantom of the Opera t-shirt, courtesy of Sophia. Check out her other work at www.carrotplush.com.

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